Stronger Together

The Fashion Cycle Meets the Product Life Cycle

Úle Kirá brand handbags link plastic reuse with the world of women’s fashion through the artistry of a group of women in San José, Costa Rica.

Úle Kirá means “Stronger Together” in the indigenous Chiriquí dialect. That is hands together, fibers together, and together the people involved in the creation of Ulé Kirá. Buying Ulé Kirá products will make us all stronger. So go on, pat yourself on the back. Well done!

All Úle Kirá designs are made from food packaging waste. We think that plastic waste looks a whole lot better braided into fancy bags rather than trapped on some tree branch over a river or on the beach. In addition to contributing to a better use of our environmental resources and supporting our women - you get to carry an original design handmade in Costa Rica.